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Virtual Data Room Providers Rating (2020)

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M&A, Due Dilligence, Secure File Sharing, Real Estate, Board Portals
Top Rate
M&A, Due Dilligence
Top Rate
M&A, Due Dilligence, Board Portals
Top Rate
M&A, Real Estate, Board Portals
Top Rate
Due Dilligence
Top Rate
Secure File Sharing, M&A

The use of a data room is a solution for all document-related processes. Times when businesses had to spend a lot of money, time and efforts to just deliver required files to the destination so a due diligence process could be performed. But today technologies ease our lives significantly. And businesses should adopt them as well to perfect processes within and outside of the company. The whole world switches to the online and uses tools internet provide them with. So why shouldn’t your business do the same?

What Do You Need To Know Before Choosing The Best Virtual Data Room For Your Business?

The process of the document sharing can be highly time-consuming and tiring. That’s why you should try VDRs. They are convenient, they speed up business processes within the company and improve relationships with other businesses.

Of course, the main benefit data room software gives to the business is the security. Once you’ve uploaded your company’s documents to the online repository, they are protected from any malicious actions and theft. Providers do their best to protect the data. They use encryption, implement 2-factor authentication that requires a code sent to the user in an SMS to enter the data room. There is no chance for malefactors to get into your VDR and steal important data.


The teamwork can be improved with the use of virtual data rooms significantly. This software gives users an opportunity to work together on documents, review and edit them. Also, the owner of the online repository can control the level of an access other users have. Actions of team members are recorded and can be viewed by a room owner as well.

Once all files are uploaded and organized in a data room for a transaction, you can share them with partners, investors, authorities and other third-parties that need to review them. It can be done at any moment, so every due diligence process won’t be any hustle anymore.

In this review, you will find the best Canadian data rooms with all their advantages and downsides. Knowing criteria that can help you to pick the right provider it will be easy to choose the software for your business.

VDR Solutions For Business

logotype of Due Diligence

Online Due Diligence

Data rooms usually are used for a due diligence – the review of the company’s documents. This process is performed before any important event like establishing a partnership, receiving or giving an investment, Mergers and Acquisition and so on. Also, sometimes authorities might need to check the information about your business. With the use of virtual data rooms, due diligence is fast and effortless. All you need to do is to provide the third-party with an access to the online storage.

logotype of m&a data room


Since M&A – Mergers and Acquisitions – is a quite frequently performed activity and requires due diligence to be held in advance, data rooms are associated with it. During Mergers two companies merge forming one big business. During Acquisitions, one company takes over another so the second one becomes the part of the first firm. Both processes can be held very quickly and easily within a data room.

logotype of Real Estate

Real Estate

Virtual Data Rooms can be used not only for due diligence or M&A. It is also very convenient for real estate management. Within the online repository, you can share videos, photos, and plans of the property with potential buyers. It saves a lot of time for both sides of the deal.

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Life Sciences

As for companies in a life sciences field, they can use data rooms to share securely the information about experiments, researches and other data that is highly sensitive.

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