Useful Data Room Features and How to Use them Efficiently

At the very beginning users of the virtual data room had simple needs – the safe place for their documents and the ability to share them quickly. As time went by, there were lots of virtual data room providers created. And they all wanted to win the game getting as many users as possible. So today this technology went beyond the plain online repository. It is a powerful tool for businesses that can help improve data management, important deals, and teamwork.

That’s why you can see some really unique and useful features in the virtual data room industry. Let’s review some of them and understand what benefits they could bring your business.

The upload from email

This feature usually gets underrated even though we use our emails every day for personal and business needs. Using an “Email In” tool users can quickly upload files directly from their email boxes. It is a fast and simple solution, especially when some team members are not that good in technologies. So if you use the data room for Mergers and Acquisitions, this feature can speed up the deal significantly.

View As

Some data room services provide their users with this amazing feature. It allows entering the online repository as if you are one of team members. Doing so you can understand if you have set the level of an access correctly. It gives some additional security for your documents.

Q&A section

To help their users improve their businesses, some Canadian vdr providers create a Q&A section. Here those who take part in the deal can make sure everyone is on the same page. It is a great way to keep in touch with parties within the online repository and keep the flow of communication so the deal is carried out smoothly. In the Q&A section, users can address their concerns in an organized manner.

Watermarks and other related features

Of course, you can find a feature that allows putting watermarks on the document in almost every online repository. Still, this instrument gets overlooked rather often. Using watermarks you can protect your documents from the illegal use and theft. Additional security won’t be too much, right?

But in some virtual data room software, you can find features like “Fence View”. This specific instrument puts some kind of a fence-like overlay on the document. It allows protecting the information from theft via web cameras or from curious eyes of strangers in public places. Also, providers offer their users different kinds of tools that allow editing spreadsheets safely.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a powerful technology that gives a lot of advantages to the user of the virtual data room. AI provides users with reports, insights and predictions helps improving business processes. Using the data gathered by AI you can get a lot of benefits for your company.

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